Program and tariffs of the sightseeing spots



Monday-Friday: 8–16

Saturday, Sunday: closed

Ticket: free


„Incze László” Guild Museum 

Summer season programme: (1 June – 31 August):

Tuesday-Friday: 8–17

Saturday, Sunday: 9–16

Monday: Closed


Offseason programme:

Tuesday-Friday: 9–16

Saturday: 9–14

Sunday: 9–13

Monday: Closed


Winter programme:

Closed on Sundays, between October 1st –March 31st .


Ticket prices:

Adults: 10 Ron

Children over 7 years of age, students, pensioned: 5 Ron


Ticket for students group of 10–30 persons: 50 Ron

Family tickets (2 adults, 1–5 children): 20 Ron


Visit with guide: 20 Ron

Video camera records: 30 Ron


Flash photography prohibited.

Free entrance for children under 7 years of age, for persons with disabilities, respective institutionalized persons, for attendants of the disabled/institutionalized persons, for the museums’ employees of Romania, for the possessors of the ICOM cards, for the representatives of the press.


Roman-Catholic Church

Free visit, outside the religious services

(Sunday: 9, 11, 19 h; feast-days: 11 and 19 h; daily: 7.30 and 19 h / in winter 17 h)

Access: the key is at the residence of the perish-priest


The Reformed and Calvinist Church

Free visit, outside the religious services

Access: he key is at the reformed presbytery next-door.


Turóczi Mózes Memorial house

It functions as head-quarter for private offices.


Culture of House Vigadó

Programme: Monday-Friday 8–16 h

Saturday, Sunday: closed

Free entrance (except of the events with ticked-based access)


Weselényi Miklós Library


September 1st  – June 30th : Monday and Friday 9–16 h, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 9–18 h, Saturday 9–13 h.

July, August: Monday-Friday 9–16 h, Saturday, Sunday: closed

Free entrance


The building of Nagy Mózes Theoretic High School

Free access, according to the school programme


The former military school

The building is under modernisation, temporarily it is closed for the public.


Lace Saint Anne

Access with vehicle: 20 Ron / vehicle


Bálványos Resort

Sightseeing spots in the resort:

  • The ruins of the Bálványos Castle (XIII. century);
  • Birds’ Cemetery (cleft with hydrogen sulfur emission);
  • Lake Saint Anne (950 m), situated at 10 km distance from the resort, a lake of volcanic origin, the only one in Central and Eastern Europe (belongs to Harghita county); – access with vehicle: 20 Ron
  • The Mohos Peat-bog (1056 m), situated near the Lake Saint Anne, part of the Mohos nature reserve, being the habitat of different moss-species, such as, the sundew (drosera rotundifolia). – access in groups, only with guide. Ticket price adults 10 Ron, children 5 Ron

Programming: 0040-728127998, Kerezsi László

  • Stinking Cave



The locality Turia is situated on the valley of the Turia River, at 595 m altitude, in the forefeet of the Bodok, Ciomat and Turia Mountains, on the county road 113, between Târgu Secuiesc – Bixad.

Sightseeing spots:

  • Fortified Reformed Church (XVI. century) –free access, outside the religious services
  • Balvanyos Castle
  • Apor Castle – private property
  • Buffogo Peat-bog (oligotrophic moor)
  • Sulfur peat-bog
  • Stinking Cave



Sightseeing spots:

  • The Roman-Catholic Church, built in 1401 and fortified in the XV.-XVI. centuries. – free access, outside the religious services
  • “Perkő” Chapel – free access
  • The local museum of Casinu Mic – free access
  • Recreation area Cătruşa
  • Miner water fountain of Casinu Mic


Comuna Poian și Estelnic

Sightseeing spots:

  • The Franciscan Monastery – free access, with the permit of the friar
  • The Roman-Catholic Church- free access, outside the religious services
  • The Millennial Forest
  • Peat-bogs from the Red Water, Nemira Mountains
  • Astagko Stone



Sightseeing spots:

  • The Roman-Catholic Church, constructed in 1510 – free entrance, outside the religious services
  • Wild-hog hunting area on 343 ha – the entrance without permission or guide is strictly prohibited. The price of the tickets is established according to the services provided. Contact: Stamp Liviu, telephone: 00 40 721 770 870, e-mail:

List of services and prices:


  • Peat-bog Red Water
  • Archeological site Almaş Castle



Sightseeing spots:

  • The Saint Michael Roman-Catholic Church – free access, outside the religious services
  • Mountain routes



Sightseeing spots:

  • The sulfur baths from Mărtănuş – touristic resort, free access
  • Motel Anselmo
  • Oituz Pass- free access
  • Trout-farm Oituz
  • Oituz Waterfall
  • The touristic route to the Nemira Peak
  • Memorial House of Gábor Áron: Brețcu no. 89. Programme: weekends, 10–18 h. On weekdays the key is under the house no. 99 or 121.) Entrance: based on donation



Sightseeing spots:

  • The Millennial Monument – two monuments for the heroes, who lost their life in the I. and II. World War
  • The ruins of the “Kun Kocsárd” Castle
  • The “Kőlik” Cave
  • Easter egg from Hilib
  • The diamonds from Ojdula



Sightseeing spots:

  • The Roman-Catholic Church is an especially valuable monument due to its artistic property. – Entrance, guide and information: Pálkó Ilona – no. 1210; Roman-catholic Parsonage – no. 726. Ticket: preferred through donation.
  • The Coopery from Harale – (no. 26,, tel.: +40 753 083 577)



Sightseeing spots:

  • Historical monuments: Sinkovits Mansion- constructed in Empire style (private property)
  • Cserey Zathureczky Emilia Mansion
  • the Reformed Church Mărtineni from the XV. century, with ceiling paints from 1754
  • The Historical Monument Barabas Miklos of the village Mărcuşa
  • The Church of the village Hătuica, constructed in the XV. Century in Gothic style – free access, outside the religious services



Sightseeing spots:

  • “Haszmann Pal” Ethnographic Museum of Cernat

Programme: every day, from morning till evening.


Ticket for adults 10 RON

Tickets for pupils, students and pensioned 5 RON

Family tickets (2 adults and 1–5 children) 20 RON

Ticket for pupil groups (10–30 persons) 50 RON

Video camera records 30 RON

Guide 20 RON

Flash photography prohibited!

Free entrance for nursery-school children, for persons with disabilities and for their attendants, for the employees of the museums from Romania, for the possessors of the ICOM cards, for the representatives of the mass media.


  • “Ica” Castle
  • Fortified Church