Road traffic

The access routes to the locality Târgu Secuiesc are the following: DN11, DN 11B, DJ 121, DJ 113.

The access from Brașov to Târgu Secuiesc is ensured by DN11 (E577). The connection with the Casinul Nou Basin is ensured by the national road Cozmeni – Casin –Pass (870 m) – Casinu Nou – Târgu Secuiesc (DN 11B). In the east the access is enabld by the national road Moinești – Comănești (DN 2G).

There is a 30 km long distance for the following variants via DJ 121 şi DN11 –  Braşov-Tg. Secuiesc, deviation to Covasna, either from Reci (DJ 49), or from Târgu Secuiesc. The access from Târgu Secuiesc to Bálványos Resort is ensured by DJ 113.