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Bálványos Resort

Băile Bálványos

Another extraordinary place of interest is the balneoclimateric Resort of Bálványos, situated on the southern side of the Bodoc Mountain in the arc of the Carpathians, at 840-950 m above the sea level. The lake is situated 67 km from Sfântu Gheorghe northeastward. Due to the therapeutic qualities of the mineral waters and of the post-volcanic emanations (mofette), the resort offers to its guests ideal conditions for relaxation and treatment. Due to the volcanic and sedimentary rocks, the hydrogen sulfur and carbon dioxide emissions favored the development of numerous mineral waters, which are used for the treatment of stomach and intestinal diseases, as well as of cardiac and vascular diseases. Both the water and the gases dispose here of a relative big natural radioactivity. The Bálványos resort of our days came into being when the three spa resorts grew together. The oldest one, situated at Bálványos pass, was known under the name of Pucioasa from Turia (the word “stink” refers to the smell of the hydrogen sulfide). The healing properties of the mineral waters from Bálványos Resort are well-known for a long time, being used by the local inhabitants for the treatment of numerous diseases. Their exploration according to the literature of balneology began in 1938. The natural factors are: mineral water: sulphuric, carbonic, chloride, ferruginous, calcerous, hypotonic; mofette with carbon dioxide emissions with post-volcanic activity, with special equipping in the interior of the hotel; sedative, protective and strengthening bio-climate.

Sightseeing spots in the resort:

  • The ruins of the Bálványos Castle (XIII. century);
  • Birds’ Cemetery (cleft with hydrogen sulfur emission);
  • Lake Saint Anne (950 m), situated at 10 km distance from the resort, a lake of volcanic origin, the only one in Central and Eastern Europe (belongs to Harghita county);
  • The Mohos Peat-bog (1056 m), situated near the Lake Saint Anne, part of the Mohos nature reserve, being the habitat of different moss-species, such as, the sundew (drosera rotundifolia).
  • Puturosu (Stinking) Cave