Obiective Turistice

Bust of Turóczi Mózes

Bustul lui Turóczi MózesThe gun-founder Turóczi Mózes founded in 1849 his copper guns in the backyard of his own house. In front of the house not only the memorial plaques remind us of the great master, but also his bust. The statue was made by the sculptor of Târgu Secuiesc, Vetró B. András, which was unveiled on the 8th of November 1993 in the presence of the foreign minister of Hungary at that time, dr. Jeszenszky Géza, having family relationship with the Turóczi family. We have only few concrete data about the life of Turóczi Mózes, we only know  that he married for two times, for the first time with Jancsó Karolina from the famous Jancsó family, for the second time with Szőcs Ilka.