Obiective Turistice

Historical center

Centrul Istoric - Târgu SecuiescThe egg-shaped center, which was also the market of the town, has a unique style in Europe: from this place start the so called “udvarterek” (in free translation “courts”), taking the shape of sunbeams, some dead-end streets (in the town at present are 73 streets of this kind). These streets came into being with the development of the town, when the master craftsman families started to build their houses in the backyard of the main buildings (with look on to the center), having access to the market. On the last buildable ground the houses were so built, so that they should block the access outside the market. The access to the center is through four streets possible from the “corner” of the market. Beginning with the eighties of the 19th century the little wooden houses of the craftsmen were gradually replaced with the storied stone houses of the merchants. The panoramic view of the town reflects the small, narrow center duo to the over-crowded houses.