Obiective Turistice

Márton Áron Square

Piața Márton ÁronThe character of the bishop Márton Áron was formed and tried by the political storms of the period, in which he lived. From the school bank he was transferred to the battle field of Doberdó, being the witness of the dismembering of the 1000 year old Christian Hungarian state. He lived through the horrors of the II. World War and the fury of the beginning period of the Romanian communist regime. He went through the legendary and traditional way of the confirmation of the Catholic Christians. Then he had the opportunity to meet the misery of prisons. He took part in the II. Vatican Council, which imposed a new direction for the Catholic Church. The square near the building of the town-hall bears the name of the bishop, in this place is situated his bronze statue, constructed in 2004. The statue was drawn up by the sculptor Vetró B. András and founded in the workshop of Balogh József in Târgu Mureş.