Obiective Turistice

The former Military School

Fosta școală militarăTârgu Secuiesc was also a military town. One of the most important monuments of the town is the former Székely Military School, situated on the corner of the old Street of the railway station. The building constructed in neoclassic style is both imposing and modern nowadays, too. The two huge tympanums, which flank the main front, became the distinctive feature of the military school. The main front looks on the Independence Street, whereas the area in front of the building is the place of numerous historical commemorations. The founder of the military school of Târgu Secuiesc was the baron Purczell János, lieutenant in the II. Infantry regiment; he suggested that the construction works should begin in 1811. The building was inaugurated in 1823 in course of a great celebration. The school was equipped for 115 cadets, having a sports hall and a swimming bath. At present the building needs rehabilitation.