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Despre Târgu Secuiesc

It is the most eastern town of the Carpathian basin, being the former center of the Three Chairs. It is a charming town in the valley of the Black River. The town has a population of predominantly Hungarian nationality, having 20 thousand inhabitants, out of which 91% are Hungarian. On the territory of the town there was a Romanian military camp, which supervised the Oituz Pass. The prefix Kézdi refers to the place of residence of the Székelys in the 11th century, to Saschiz. The King Sigismund declared the town to be a market place, at this time having the name Turia Market. In the Middle-Ages it had a significant trade guild industry. During the Revolution of 1848-49 was the center of defense in the county of Three Chairs. Gábor Áron founded his famous guns in this very place. The statue of the gun-founder has been located in the center of the town since 1971. A special characteristic of the town are the gates of the houses, which form the end of each street of the center. At present there are 73 courts in the town. The trade guild museum “Incze László” is situated in the building of the former town-hall, here is also a unique copy of the gun founded by Gábor Áron.

The original was brought back in 2010 to Sfântu Gheorghe, in Székely land. Târgu Secuiesc united with Kanta in 1849 and in 1949 with Ruseni. At present the places Lunga, Tinoasa and Săsăuși belong to the town. The reformed church was built in 1783 in place of the church, dating back to the Middle-Ages. It was destroyed in the fire of 1834, its reconstruction being finalized in 1838. The trapezoid center of the town is surrounded with buildings from the 13th and 19th centuries. The building of the town-hall of the present time was built for savings bank in 1907. The Székely military school of the border guards was built in the period of 1817 and 1823 in neoclassical style. Târgu Secuiesc is also known as the town of guilds, of bootmakers and of courts, whilst according to Orbán Balázs it is the Paris of the Three Chairs.