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The project „Trail of mineral waters” was realized within the Phare 2004-2006 Programme– Economical and Social Cohesion (CES) in Belin, Bodoc, Malnaş and Vâlcele communes and in the Health resort of Hătuica from Cătălina commune.

In the vicinity of the municipality Târgu Secuesc there are some thermal spas, included by the Trail of mineral waters (the most important part of this route goes through Harghita county). Among these spas the most important and performant is the Thermal spa from Hătuica.


Other spas in the area of Târgu Secuiesc:

  • Balvanyos resort, the Bath of the Apor maidens, cold water bathes
  • Mărtănuș, popular bath
  • Peteni, popular bath


Interactive bike Maps’s: NEMIRA TRAIL

The route of the green trail offers limitless opportunities to hike and to ride a bike. The focus is on the mineral waters and mansions, because this region is very rich in both of them.  This trail includes the most important elements of heritage (mansions, churches), institutions (museums), natural resources (mineral waters, spas, forests), numerous local farmers (oyster mushrooms-grower, bee-keeper, carpenter, apple juice maker, blacksmith and cheese maker) and a part of the fauna (marten, owl, stork, bear, etc.) as well.

The route goes through 48 localities from the region of the Three Chairs.

The tour from the region of Târgu Secuiesc: Târgu Secuiesc – Poian – Cernat –Târgu Secuiesc

MTB 🔛 Nemere Trail:




 🚵 Tg. Secuiesc <-> Lake St. Ann➡

 🚵 Tg. Secuiesc <-> Ghelința➡

 🚵 Tg. Secuiesc <-> Sânzieni, Sf. Stephan Chapel ➡

 🚵 Tg. Secuiesc <-> Ojdula, Kolik Cave ➡


 🏕 Marked Hiking Trails in Covasna County: